EDGE Creative | Frucor Business Conference

Frucor Business Conference

  • Event “Carnival” Full Business Conference
  • Audience Internal/Client
  • Attendees 500
  • Length 1 day
  • Location Frucor Warehouse

In Frucor’s massive warehouse we forklifted a thousand pallets of product to build the walls and spaces of an inspiring conference venue. Under the big top, with strongmen, stilt walkers, fire eaters and all the fun of the fair, “Carnival” opened with one of the most captivating leadership performances we have ever seen. The entire executive team trained together to become a leaping, rolling, death-defying acrobat troupe! Incredible leaders, jumping through hoops to excite and accelerate their people.

It’s always a real pleasure (and a comfort!) working with Edge Creative to bring slick, professional events alive for our staff… their consistent high standard of delivery and fresh ideas means we are confident of a successful event with impact!
Rosalyn Reeve - HR Manager, Frucor Beverages Ltd