EDGE Creative | Vodafone Future:Now

Vodafone Future:Now

  • Event Customer Engagement Event & Sales Conference
  • Audience Customers & Sales Team
  • Attendees 1000
  • Length 2 days
  • Location Vector Arena, Auckland

The internal sales event that rapidly evolved into a massive customer-captivating touring expo experience.

Vodafone’s extraordinary 2014 Future:Now touring Enterprise expo is perhaps the prime example of the strengths that set Edge Creative apart. This was a powerful example of co-creation with our client’s event team. It made extensive use of our proprietary tools to rapidly deliver events of any size. The audiences were able to grasp complex messages because we used an engagingly simple conceptual framework and we expressed the concepts through the physical architecture of the event. This is how it happened.
The Go-To Communication SpecialistsThe Go-To Event Management Specialists

Edge Creative successfully pitched to be Vodafone’s co-creator of an exciting internal event for the Enterprise sales team, in three major locations across New Zealand, including the entire Vector Arena.

It quickly became clear that the event was going to be so revelatory and exciting, it should be a customer event as well. It turned out to be a powerful vehicle for engaging and acquiring enterprise clients.

The decision to include customers instantly ramped the event up to a massive scale. There was very little time to execute, but it was never risky and it proved to be flawless.

That’s because Edge Creative has developed robust execution tools to equip and enable our people and partners to deliver on any scale.

With close to 100 people in production, numerous partners and vendors such as Apple, elaborate demonstrations and presentations, and even a complementary app to develop, it all scaled out perfectly.

As a result, 92% of customers who attended were more likely to recommend Vodafone, with most attendees rating the event “exceptional”.

When You Need to Translate StrategyWhen You Need to Translate Strategy…

The success of Future:Now is testament to the power of an excellent in-house events team at Vodafone that is fully committed to co-creation. They gave us full access to deep resources and the insights of executive leaders and brand knowledge from within Vodafone and from its global agencies.

Confident and trusting co-creation is amazing – it is like a team of architects working together to ensure that every detail enhances the whole result.

We love conceptual frameworks. They are the models that help audiences grasp complex ideas – especially the fundamental tension between “where we are” and “where we need to be.”

This strategic conceptual maturity is absolutely fundamental to event success.

You can never count on an attendee being committed enough to do the mental work to decipher a complex message. Framework models help people immensely in their thinking, and make people far more committed to messaging.

In this case, despite an audience of many hundreds and thousands of logistical considerations, Vodafone Future:Now really came down to a four-point matrix developed by Phil Thompson at the earliest creative stages.

The model was deceptively simple. Present to Future on one axis. Not Ready to Ready on the other access.

The matrix was presented in a powerful opening video, which challenged the audience to ask themselves where they stand on each axis. How ready are you for the future?

They got it. They clicked – and that put everything else in Future:Now in a very clear context.

Into Action… Into Action…

The essential two-axis matrix wasn’t just presented in the opening video. It formed the entire physical architecture of the event.

After the shared presentations, attendees entered the huge expo space. It was laid out in that same two-axis format, with four quadrants of vendor/partner stands and theaterettes for lab presentations.

Attendees didn’t have to waste a moment of their precious time trying to understand the expo space. The physical architecture expressed the messages.


Vodafone’s potential customers were delighted and motivated to build and grow their relationship:
Thanks Vodafone NZ for organizing a superb event. Much gratitude! Great content. Excellent event management. Rich learning.”

“We will seriously consider moving to Vodafone.”

The internal team were equally positive.

“I felt proud to be hosting my customers.”

“Fantastic and inspiring event – a wonderful showcase for Vodafone.”

We are very proud of Vodafone Future:Now. It is probably the largest-scale living, breathing version of everything Edge Creative stands for. It was carefully thought through from beginning to end.

By creating a large format touring expo that worked just as well for customers as for staff, the Vodafone events team scored extraordinary audience response across all metrics, while achieving incredible return on their event investment.