EDGE Creative | TMNZ Ten Years

TMNZ Ten Years

  • Event 10 Year Anniversary
  • Audience Customers
  • Attendees 500
  • Length 1 day
  • Location Auckland Museum

Turning a tenth anniversary celebration into a declaration of true market leadership.

Tax Management New Zealand innovated, developed, created and launched an entirely new category of tax management. It is called tax pooling and it took years of consulation with the IRD and the New Zealand Government. A decade after launching, TMNZ had a lot to celebrate with staff and clients, but we also took this opportunity to reclaim ground lost to copycats.
The Go-To Communication SpecialistsThe Go-To Event Management Specialists

Phil Thompson from Edge Creative took TMNZ’s founder Ian Kuperus through our EPO process – Event Purpose and Outcome. The process highlighted a real problem for TMNZ: competitors have copy-and-pasted TMNZ’s innovation.

When You Need to Translate StrategyWhen You Need to Translate Strategy…

We saw that TMNZ’s celebration could actually be a powerful opportunity to re-establish their market leadership, by showing TMNZ’s clients how highly the company is regarded by the finance industry’s key influencers.

We asked Ian to invest a significant proportion of his annual marketing budget into this one key event.

Phil and the team created a series of video interviews with some of TMNZ’s foremost clients in the Big Four accounting firms. It was extremely powerful to have Ian’s clients, with so much industry clout, congratulating him and highlighting his capacity to innovate and lead in their category.

We had high hopes for these interviews, because Ian really is an outstanding person. Even so, we were pleasantly surprised by the warmth of responses when we asked Ian clients what they appreciated about TMNZ.

Into Action… Into Action…

We found a way to celebrate ten years of great work, while strengthening client relationships today and for tomorrow.

Because the event was already set for the Auckland Museum, we created “A Night at the Museum” for TMNZ. Every aspect of the evening reflected TMNZ’s own leadership in its field: top class entertainment from Kiwi icon Dave Dobbyn; fine food; superb venue setting; and a wonderfully-told story of innovation. It was fun, it was a celebration and it built relationships.


The theme emerging from all the exuberant attendee comments was this: they loved feeling part of the success story and part of TMNZ’s ‘family’.

“Was like being part of one big family - you could feel the warmth of the company and the staff coming through the whole evening.”

“Great to be able to reflect on how far TMNZ has come and to celebrate in its success.”

The TMNZ team was so happy with their celebration, we helped them roll it out across several other locations around New Zealand.

To be frank I was a little bit sceptical at the beginning. I thought we were just going to have a party! What became evident as we went through this process is that they were thinking beyond the event to what happens afterwards.” – Chris Cunniffe, TMNZ’s CEO