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From Have To, To Want To

Events, Event Planning, Leadership, Event Purpose, Strategic Planning | October 2018

As leaders of organisations, we are highly visible. Our actions are under close scrutiny and critique from inside and outside our organisation.

We ride a fine line between taking risks to make change and move forward, and staying safe to protect our people, our companies, our positions.

I see this fight for balance in every leader that engages with us to create a transformational event.

They know they need to move a group of people from one place to another. From having to, to wanting to.

But they also know that there is risk involved.

It’s scary.

In the more than 30 years that I’ve been developing large scale transformational events, I’ve learned a few things about reducing risk in these critical inflection points. About how to stack the odds of success on our client’s side.

The most fundamental is that one person’s view alone will not provide the perspective needed.

It is a team effort, a collaboration between, and a coalescence of, many points of view to achieve a shift that is bigger than the individuals directly involved in its creation may have first thought.

Our EPO (Event - Purpose - Outcome) workshop kicks off the process of every transformational event we create.

It sees a team of 5 - 15 leaders expressing honestly and rawly the current state of their organisation and the perceptions of the people in and around it.  Agreeing on what they all currently feel, think and do.

The EPO process then focuses on articulating collective agreement about the future state of the business.

Identifying the outcome they are trying to achieve.

What they want their people to be feeling, thinking and doing once they’ve been deeply impacted by the event we are going to create together.

I’ve seen something almost supernatural occur when leaders share honestly together, when the collective perspective materialises into sharper focus.

An incredible springboard is created that we then use to help your audience cross the gap from where they are now, to where you want them to be.

It ensures that risk is spread. That leaders are engaged. That they have been heard and they are onboard.

That’s the first step towards moving mountains.

We are in the business of helping companies understand exactly what change is needed, and then we design the environment and moments that set the stage to shift mindsets from current to future states.

We’ve delivered more than 300 EPO workshops for the largest corporations in New Zealand.

Successfully arming leaders with the tools to take their people across the gap from what is, to what needs to be. From have to, to want to.